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How to find SCHOOL information for a particular house ?

Qusetion) How do you find SCHOOL information for a particular house you might be considering to buy in Bay Area (Cupertino, Sunnyvale)? Answer) One way is to talk to your realtor ans ask him/her for a list of HOME schools and their details (API scores etc.). If you prefer to do your own homework and analysis here is the way to go. For specifics please feel free to contact our Real Estate office through In case you are looking in Cupertino, Sunnyvale area the you can go following websites - i) Fremont Union High School - Which school you house belong to? School By Street Address ii) iii) If you need to do more research on a particular school or a city's Schools, there is a good web utility from one of my friends at iv) Last but not the least you should always go to the Official Cupertino School Finder v) Also look up