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We reward Intelligent, Intenet savvy, motivated and decisive Home Buyers with upto 2% Rebate Back.

Best alternative for Intelligent, Internet savvy, motivated and decisive Home Buyers.   Let us represent and guide you through your home buying negotiation & transaction, In the process we will rebate you back up to 2% of Purchase Price** ( depends on Sale price and commission offered, See table below ). You search for your ideal home , do some homework, get your thoughts together and spend time to see the house and neighborhood.  We will help you with out price comparison tools, cash flow modeling and real estate education seminars. When you have decided that a particular house is the house for you, we will perform a range of services for you, including, but not limited to, the following: Represent you as the buyer’s agent and provide home buying consultation Set you up in automated Email search results. Educate you w.r.t.  Financing, Home Inspection and Disclosures. Draft a real estate purchase agreement, addendums counteroffers, etc. Coordinate all parties involved

When it comes to real estate the first and the last rule is - Everything is Negotiable

Yes, " Everything is Negotiable in Real Estate ". We think of ourselves as Deal Negotiator than what other real estate agents do. Key things to make a good deal are: 1) Listen carefully to the arguments of the other party and assess the logic of their reasoning 2) Clarify issues you are not clear about by asking how, why, where, when and what questions. 3) List all the issues which are important to both sides and identify the key issues. Identify any personal agendas. 4) Identify any areas of common ground. 5) Understand any outside forces that may be affecting the problem. 6) Keep calm and use assertive rather than aggressive behavior. Use tact and diplomacy to diffuse tensions. Even if you lose a house deal but if you had good relations between the parties involved then you never know it may come back to you. Happened many times with us !!

Are you planning to sell your house ?

We can help you sell your home in a professional and economical way. We provide MLS listing, low commissions, and a hassle free strategy w.r.t. showing and staging. There are many ways in which we can work wonders for you - Discounts, Negotiations, Deal Finding and post transaction Investing are just some of them. We provide different kind of Services for Sellers which ranged from Full Service Listing to just advising about how to accompolish a FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Our aim is to help you sell in the manner which is best suited to you and is mutually beneficial. We guide you through Market Analysis, Pricing, Listing, Inspections, Negotiations, Close of Escrow, Move and Investing. Our goal is to help you " Create Wealth Forever ". Please Contact us for further details and references.

About Us

At  Asha Mehta LLC we specializes in Hi Tech Low cost Real Estate transactions all over in California. We do Buy, Sell, Lease, REITs, Investor 1031 exchanges and Property Management. We excell at real estate investments, valuations, dispositions and price negotiations on behalf of our clients. Our adoption of technology transforms to time and cost savings for you. We work out of BAY AREA and do transactions all over California. When it comes to Owner Occupied Primary Residences we have special focus on Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, Foster City, Pleasanton & Milpitas. When it comes to Investment & Commercial properties, Property Management & Leasing we have special focus on Oakland, Vallejo, Bakersfield, Sacramento and Santa Cruz. Oure DRE license # is 01489311