We reward Intelligent, Intenet savvy, motivated and decisive Home Buyers with upto 2% Rebate Back.

Best alternative for Intelligent, Internet savvy, motivated and decisive Home Buyers.  

Let us represent and guide you through your home buying negotiation & transaction, In the process we will rebate you back up to 2% of Purchase Price** (depends on Sale price and commission offered, See table below).

You search for your ideal home, do some homework, get your thoughts together and spend time to see the house and neighborhood.  We will help you with out price comparison tools, cash flow modeling and real estate education seminars.

When you have decided that a particular house is the house for you, we will perform a range of services for you, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Represent you as the buyer’s agent and provide home buying consultation
  • Set you up in automated Email search results.
  • Educate you w.r.t.  Financing, Home Inspection and Disclosures.
  • Draft a real estate purchase agreement, addendums counteroffers, etc.
  • Coordinate all parties involved through the close of escrow like Listing Agent, Escrow Officer, Inspectors, Contractors.
  • Make sure the property is free and clear, We also check county records
  • Negotiate on Price  & Terms on your behalf in your favor.
  • Help you research on the Schools and Neighborhood.
  • Final walk-through inspection
  • Home renovating / remodeling consultation
Simply speaking, we performs the traditional home-buying functions, but using collaboration and communication technologies. The biggest thing you do is home search and since you take care of the heavy time consuming duties, we rewards you with a big rebate out of our commission. People say Buyers do not pay a commission but it is you who pay the Seller to pay us the commission, so why not get it back for your hard work.

In order to keep our cost low, we do charge a very small fixed document preparation fee for every offer after the first two offers. The first two offers do not have the fixed document preparation fee.

 Property Final
Selling Price (Buyer's Agent Commission)


Buyer (assuming 3% commission to buyers agent)

Fixed Fee Payable by Buyer

$1,000,000 (3%)


$695 only if the transaction goes through.



$695 only if the transaction goes through.


$0 (Our minimum fee for buyer brokerage representation is $5000)

$5000+ $695

Your Job

Do your home search, be comfortable using Internet Searches and Communication Tools
Saving a lot if you do your home search.

For example, if you buy a $1 million home, you get a refund of $20,000 as
a buyer assuming a 3% commission for the buyer’s agent.

How can we charge such low fees for our services?

Our office runs streamlined operations with low overhead and a specialized team of experts. Through our unique business model, we are able to run smartly and achieve a higher volume of business. It also allows us to charge reasonable rates directly to the customer for the services provided. 

As a matter of fact, we are NOT a traditional realtor who will show you houses around, If you are looking for that kind of service then we are NOT the best choice for you.

** For buying service,
We will either charge a fee of $5000 or 1% of Purchase price, Whatever is Higher.


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