Sunday, January 27, 2008

Buying a house - Use your Head and Heart !! - Be money wise and understand what you are getting into.

Buying a house - Use your Head and Heart !! - Be money wise and understand what you are getting into.

We can help you understand the financial implications of buying / selling a residential or investment real estate property. For example ta look at our home grown Handy Property Calculator Real_Estate_Property_Calculator.xls

Download it from here
This is a simple yet comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet (Call it the Magic Number Calculator !!) created by us to help our clients understand what it means money wise to own that particular house. Besides these numbers, there is also a CASH REBATE which we will match or exceed any other competitors offer.

Contact our office (Details at if you would like to schedule a 1:1 consultation.

Be money wise and understand What you are getting into, When you are getting into, Where you are getting into and How are you getting it !!

We can Help, You have to Ask.

Self Service - How to research about available properties and updated listings?

Q) How to research about available properties and updated listings?

A) We encourage our clients to narrow down their house search and study the market on their own from time to time. In this way we can help our educated clients better and in the process they will also benefit in three ways:

1) Better informed decision when negotiating an offer.
2) Rebate to you for doing your HOME WORK when the transaction closes.
3) Understanding of the factors that influence value in a particular neighborhood.

Once you narrow down the search we will help you with the rest. For specifics please feel free to contact our Real Estate Office through
So how do you do it? Search for new and updated listings by using these sites which are contineously improving.

1) REDFIN ->
2) MLS Listings (for South Bay Area only - Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Saratoga)

3) Foreclosure homes as well as For Sale By Owners (FSBOs)
4) MLS Search through Movoto The biggest drawback is that there have only SFH, Condo & Townhouses. They ignore multifamily properties like Duplex etc.

5) Past SALE info and an approximation of current values

6) Lastly some people consider also an option but they do not provide ALL information. Listing Agent contact details is hidden, some properties are exclusive for Zip Realty brokers only. They tend to hinder free flow of listing information. Anyway they are good and acccurate on School Information once you enter a property address on their website.
7) Has good info on past sales price of houses. I personally like this site. So saved teh best one for you at the last.
Finally a note, I will highly recommed creating a annoymous account and email for all these search. Better if you have SPAM protection as it might get too much communication and email bombardment sometimes.

Once you find a property that interests you and you have done the above background research then contact us for price discovery & negotiation, transaction logistics and further details.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Do It Yourself (DIY) - Our recommended Home and Termite Inspectors for Buyers & Sellers in Bay Area.

Q) I am a prospective Home Buyer / Seller, Can you recommended some good Home/Termite Inspectors & Appraisers in Bay Area?

A) Based on our past experiences we will recommed the following professionals. For specifics please feel free to contact our Real Estate office through

Termite Inspection (Name, Phone, Email, Remarks)

  1. Able Exterminators Inc. - John 408 251 6500 X 119 Good, About $125
  2. Preferred Termite Services - Ben 800 971 1599, 408 532 6298/99 Good, About $100
  3. HomeGuard (408) 993-1900, (650) 961-1900 about $300 for Townhouse
  4. Antique Termite (408) 995-6300 Cost $175
  5. Franz Termite 650 493 0445 Cost $135
  6. Remnant Termite 408 261 8842, 408 828 7307
  7. Alamedan Termite 408 927 9163
  8. Evergreen Termite 408 683 4484

Property Inspection

  1. HomeGuard (408) 993-1900, (650) 961-1900 about $300 for Townhouse
  2. WellHouse Building Inspections 408-370-9192
  3. Gillespie 408 356 0582
  4. 408 205 5915
  5. HouseMaster 800 995 4063


  1. Crema Properties - Patrick 408 244 3100
  2. Calix 408 926 6800